Tuesday, December 19, 2006


16-1. Those are the odds on Jenson Button winning next year's BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award next year. Imagine that. The last one's just wrapped up and someone's already got odds on Jenson for next year. Haha. Lewis Hamilton's right up there as well, with 25-1 odds on his potential to win. I say we all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Jenson does well enough, and the awards will come along with a fine season.

As for this year's edition, I'll have one last go at it. It's always nice to see other people rooting for Jenson, so Shaun gets a "good on ya" from Button fans like me for sharing some positive words on Jense regarding his BBC nomination. Nice of him to acknowledge that Jense had a year good enough to have warranted consideration. :)

I suppose the season is still too far ahead to be writing about much else at this point. Maybe I should take a break for the holidays too. Hahaha. Been terribly busy these days, and I haven't even gotten myself into the holiday season just yet. Looking forward to the peace and quiet comfort that comes with it though. :)

Hope you're all having good days leading up to Christmas thus far. News might be slow coming over the next few days, but I'll try to dig up as much stuff as I can to share this holiday season. Happy Holidays everyone!

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