Saturday, December 02, 2006

Barcelona testing wraps up; Button spotted

Barcelona testing has officially wrapped up, with the Toyotas having the track all to themselves on Friday. Is this something of an unfair advantage? The Toyotas were able to pull of the only sub-01:16:000 laps of the week. Then again, they were probably just running with even more revs given the clear track. Oh well.

Anyway, despite his karting injury, Jenson was still on hand for the testing period. Possibly to monitor progress and obtain feedback from the test drivers. Too bad he hasn't been able to drive yet though. I hope his ribs heal up soon, and properly at that. Honda has a full report of how their testing week went here.

Interestingly enough, ButtonGod mentioned in the forums that Hill and Mansell were both recovering from injuries during the winter prior to their championships runs. Is this a sign of good things to come? Lets hope so!

Get well soon Jense!

Oh, and before I forget, here's a picture of Honda's black car:

Nice, isn't it? I think it's started to grow on me. Hahaha. They'll still be running whites though. I wonder when Honda'll be unveiling their car for the 2007 season?

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