Friday, December 08, 2006

Jenson Button site searching

I thought I'd use Yahoo!'s search engine (I'm a Googler, and I even carry a search bar on this blog right here) for a change and check out what they've got listed on Jenson Button.

Interestingly enough, there were two websites carrying Jenson's name that had no content whatsoever, and (sorry, I won't link to sites with no content). I wonder who the domains are registered to? Maybe Jenson's people bought it just to make sure it stays with them. Ooh, or maybe Honda F1's web team is getting to work on a new Jenson homepage for us fans, after all the input and feedback that they've received from their recent survey (see race suit contest).

In any case, seeing those blank sites reminded me that Jenson's current official site is in need of some updates/makeovers. Even the forums could use some updates from the main admins. I mean, Honda F1's website is being kept current. I know it's the offseason and all, but even without any news, they've at least added a simple holiday "season's greetings" theme to it. Little things like that let the people that drop by know that the site's being maintained and looked after. And that keeps people coming back. Anyway, I'm sure Jenson's site will be much busier once the season gets underway. It'd just be nice to see updates and/or changes, especially in the offseason when there isn't much else to sustain interest in the site. Oh well.

Speaking of updates and back to the topic at hand, there seem to be a whole bunch of Jenson sites out there, but none that are really updated much. :( I featured some a few weeks back, and I'll feature one again, just for all of you that want to see Jenson over time. :)

This one,,, I'm thinking is from his Williams days. Great pictures from a few years back, if only for the rarity of seeing pictures such as those nowadays. :P

I'd really like to be able to feature more current sites though, so if you've got a Jenson site that you'd like even more fellow fans to drop by at, you're welcome to leave a comment and a link to your site here. I'd be more than happy to help spread the word even further. :)

Happy web-browsing everyone!

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