Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jenson's keeping it real for 2007

Looks like Jense is keeping it real this time around. Here's an exerpt from

Jenson Button is trying hard to keep a lid on expectations for 2007, after Honda Racing failed to live up to the high target they had set themselves for this season.

Button and Honda had gone into 2006 predicting that they would be challenging for wins at every event.

Although that did not happen, the team did recover from a poor start to the campaign to post their maiden victory in Hungary, while Button was the highest points scorer in the final segment of the championship.

The lessons of last year, when the failure to deliver early in the season left the team facing a barrage of questions from the media, have been learned - and Button is keen not to hype things up too much this time around.

I think it's great that Jenson and his team aren't putting too much pressure on themselves like they did last year. They've got reasonably better chances at a more wide-open 2007, and with less pressure on themselves, they (and us fans) should be able to enjoy success that comes their way to start the season.

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