Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anthony Davidson Fan Blog

Just stumbled upon an Anthony Davidson fan blog. :)

All you Ant and Honda fans might want to check it out, as well as their neat website at AntDavidson.com.

I hope Ant starts scoring some serious points for Super Aguri Honda this year. Oh, and by the way, Ant will start the 2007 season at 27 too. 27 IS good. Hahaha. :)


gb said...

Cheers for the plug Josh :)
And yeah, 27's fine isn't it - for Ant and Jense and others - saw your other post on "27"; there's a strange acceleration of dragging in younger and younger drivers at the moment. Talented of course, but still there seems an indecent hurry rather than fully nurturing, growing and developing talent.
(I could be bitter that it's taken so long for Ant - but I don't think so, I think it's a genuine take on how the career paths have been changing....)

Josh said...

You're very welcome. Great blog, and I loved the fan site. Ant's one of my fave drivers, next to Jense of course. :)

I don't think you're being bitter. I think it's pretty much spot on. Teams seem to be more intent nowadays on unearthing the next potential champ - and they do so by throwing them straight into the fire.

Mario Theissen, for one, recently admitted that BMW may have mishandled Vettel's F1 testing duties last season.

And you've got DC openly stating that McLaren may have given Lewis his race seat a tad too early. Pairing him up with Alonso, and given the British press' hyped coverage, raises the stakes infinitely high - it sets him up for a potentially hard fall should he struggle, which given Lewis' success of late might not be something he'd be particulary accustomed to dealing with.

More gradual talent development would be nice. But oh well. These teams know what they're doing better than we do. We'll just have to wait and see whether these young drivers are better equipped these days to handle the pressures of F1 and perform as well as expected.

Josh said...

This one might be worth a read, by the way:
Greybeard shows his age