Saturday, November 25, 2006

Reminiscing: the 2006 Hungarian GP

It's fun reading other people's commentaries and recollections of events. I think getting different perspectives helps enrich one's own experience - it adds to the "completeness", giving it an added sense of clarity. Especially to those fondly remembered. That said, has a nice, play by play account of the Hungarian GP.

Me, I remember being all giddy and praying so hard that Jenson would just finish safely. I was all nervous watching Jense inching closer and closer to the chequered flag, yet thoroughly excited at the same time. It was such a big relief when he finally did, and made me believe even more in Jenson's talent and ability to win. I was like "YAY YAY YAY!" when he finally climbed that top step on the podium. Hahahaha.

What are your memories of Jenson's first win?

Jenson Button's first win, from HondaRacingF1.comJenson Button crossing the line at the 2006 Hungarian Gp, from HondaRacingF1.comJenson Button's first win, from

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