Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is black the new white?

Formula One testing kicked off yesterday at Barcelona, and had this to say about Jenson and Honda:

Another man missing from this week’s line-up - though for very different reasons to Alonso and Raikkonen - is Honda’s Jenson Button. The British driver managed to crack two of his ribs in a recent karting accident and has opted to sit out the test to avoid aggravating the injury.

Honda are running their car with a black livery in Spain, and do not be surprised if other teams are sporting new graphics this week in light of the ban on tobacco advertising from 2007.

Black? Could they be running with that for the 2007 season? Hmm. ( carries a picture of the black Honda in the article mentioned above... I'll try posting a picture as soon as one is made available).

I'm partial to the white and red that they've been running with since their launch as BAR. The new ban on tobacco ads takes that red Lucky Strike branding away though, so it will be interesting to see what colors Honda takes on for the 2007 season. I suppose black would be much better the potential green one.

Oh, and get well soon Jense!

*edit: It's been brought to my attention that Honda has run black before (Yup, on concept cars). With the Lucky strike branding out though, it's always fun to speculate on which livery Honda will take on for the 2007 season. Just like the green one. :)


On a side note, yup, that article from (above) was written by yours truly. Yay! I've become a contributor. Wish me luck these next few weeks as I work to establish myself as a permanent writer for this great F1 blog. :)

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