Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My World by Jenson Button

While Jenson heals up from his rib injury, you all might want to check out and purchase preview his book, My World.

It was published just last month, and is available supposed to have been published last month, as mentioned at Amazon.com here.

Book Description
Jenson Button entered the 2006 Formula One season with his best-ever chance of becoming world champion in what already looks like being the most open contest for the title in over a decade. The Honda team has spent fortunes to develop their car, and ensure that the progress of 2005 is just the start. So excited was Jenson by the prospects that he spent millions to buy himself out of his contract with Williams. Now he has decided to provide a full portrait of his life, speaking openly and honestly about his desire to be the best, the pressures he faces every time he races and his hopes for the future. Away from the circuits, he reveals much about his lifestyle and the glamour that attaches itself to the world's most exciting sport. This book provides unique access to Jenson Button's world, with candid photographs showing him both in his private moments and at the times of maximum exposure as the races get under way. This is a book that no fan of Jenson Button can afford to be without, nor anyone who wants to know what makes Britain's most exciting driver tick.

However, according to the forum peeps, it hasn't even been released yet. So I guess you can only pre-order it? You can still check it out at the link though. If it doesn't work, you could always just give it a search. It's bound to turn up at the top of the results page.

Now, I wonder if it's already available at our local bookstores. If someone does manage to get their hands on it, please let me know when and where you were able to get it. Ooh, and what it's like. Thanks! :D

*note: post edited after finding out from the forums that it hasn't been released yet. :(

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