Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Introduction FanButton!

Hello! My name's Josh. I'm an Alonso, but I'm not related to Fernando (or at least, I don't think I am). I've been a big fan of F1 since I was a kid (the Ayrton Senna/Alain Prost/Gerhard Berger days) and I've been a loyal fan to what is now the Honda Racing F1 Team since its inception as BAR [Supertec] in 1999. I started out cheering for Jacques, but Jenson won me over in 2003 with his driving, and I've been a HUGE Button fan ever since!

I think by now it's been established that Jenson's got remarkable consistency and excellent race pace, but I think what really sets him apart is his smooth driving style. He may not be as aggressive as the likes of Fernando and Michael, but he can definitely make going fast, fast, fast look so effortless. And I like that.

Take Jenson's maiden victory at the Hungaroring, for example. Now that was an absolute stunner! I mean, starting from 14th in the grid to chasing and gaining on Fernando (until the latter's retirement) in rain-soaked conditions? WOW. That race was a true showcase of Jenson's talents - his consistency and resiliency, his racing smarts and his smooth driving style.

Team-wise, Honda hasn't always been able to provide Jenson with the most reliable and consistently competitive package out there. It's been maddening at times to watch them set the bar during practice and testing only to see them sputter during the actual race. When they do get it right though, they are fun to watch and root for.

If the last few races of 2006 season are any indication of form for the 2007 season, then they are getting there - and in a big way, too. Jenson finished the year with a flourish, scoring the most points of anyone (yup, besting even Fernando and Schumi Sr) since his Hungaroring win. Yeah, yeah. That's been seemingly pointed out a lot lately... but hey, why not? It IS impressive, and with the engine freeze coming up, we can and should expect more of the same good stuff for the upcoming season.

Now that the 2006 season's over, there has been a bit of a lull in the stream of happenings around Formula One. Most of the racing seats have been secured, and testing no longer seems to be as furious with the expected homologation taking effect. All that does nothing to discourage my Jenson fandom though! Hurrah for him year round!

Over the next few months, I'll be crawling the web for any news and scoops on anything Button. I'll also be checking for any updates from both Honda and Jenson's official sites. And posting them here, of course. So do check back, because I personally like keeping posted on my favorite driver. And if he's yours too, then I'd very much like to be able to share that with you. Go Jenson!

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