Thursday, November 23, 2006

On Jenson Button Websites

First off, I've finally been able to watch Jenson's vid at the Royal Albert Hall. YAY! Here's a screenshot:

I've had difficulty logging on with Firefox, so I switched back to Explorer just to try out Jenson's site. Thankfully, it worked then. :) I wonder if the site's got compatibility issues with Mozilla Firefox or there's something in my browser settings that keeps it from loading and working right. Hmph. Oh well. At least I've finally been able to access members' content. It's free, by the way, so all Button fans who haven't yet, you can sign up at his official site.

I've also been able to access the forums, and I've signed up for that too. YAY! Now I get to share with even more Jenson fans around the world. :)

Here's a temporary little siggy I made for the forums:

Design-wise, it's not much yet, but I'm learning photoshop as I go. I'm also learning about blogging and (trying to learn) css programming, so hopefully I'll get to give this layout a makeover and give it a more "Jenson-ish" feel. I'll also try to figure out how to make "" blog tags work here on blogspot, so I can maybe cut up the posts to make it easier for everyone to scroll through the main blog page and pick out what you all would want to read. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

So for all those that haven't yet, you can sign up for two great websites: Jenson's official site at and the Jenson Button Forum. It's a great way to cheer Jenson on and share that passion and excitement with other fans from all over the globe. See you there! :)

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