Saturday, November 25, 2006


I signed up for BATracer a few days back. I got myself into an F1 2002 league since Honda was already taken in the F1 2006 race (goes to show just how nuts I am about Honda F1... hahaha). So I picked BAR-Honda and got myself team leader. Hahaha. And I'm mightily proud of my race helmet, btw, which looks a lot like Jenson Button's. :D

Anyway, guess what? The results are just in from my first ever race! I finished 4th from 13th in the grid! Just behind two Ferarris and a McLaren! YAY! My team mate also finished high, 7th from 22nd!!! Go BAR-Honda!! Hahaha.

I just hope I get even more feedback from my team-mate. I'm quite particular about testing, and it really helps if he gets to give me feedback on a set-up that works. So far, so good though. :)

Curious? Sign up for BATracer, too! Maybe next month, we can all join up in one game. As long as I get a race seat at Honda, of course. Hahahaha.

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